Visual studies project at The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), instructor David Freeland, 2013

with Graham Jordan

There seems to be an obsessive repression of the contemporary computational capabilities within the opposite canons of Parametricism and Object-Oriented Ontology. They are either employed to produce infinitely varied fields or singularly purposed objects.

Cannot these oppositional ideologies be combined into a new understanding, far eschewed from its sources, which purports a hybridized understanding of the object and the field? After all, nothing in the formal world can be understood strictly as either object or field when it is considered to be part of the continuum of human development.

Detail photographs of the final, 3D printed model

It is our desire to smear this understanding. Can something be everything and nothing at once? Can this be that and this?

In technical terms, this is approached by creating a landscape defined by a few curves (which themselves might variably be defined in Grasshopper by their relationships to a point attractor or something along those lines). Nested within the landscape are the semiautonomous parts which are further explicated through subdivisions and operations of the like.