Studio project at The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), instructor Anna Neimark, 2013

From the extracted figure, a field was created. As part of the field’s composition, the idea of a herd mentality was interjected in order to produce a specific effect.

The herd deals with multiple underlying geometrical operations. It employs a radial grid to regulate its geometry, though through a warping of the grid, Cartesian moments come forth. In this way, the project centered equally around the resultant field as it did to the fields used to create it.

Along with the cut plan of the field produced from the array of the figures onto the warped grid, a vector drawing was created to describe the placement of these forms. It details the specific figure used and its location graphically, decomposing in drawing the formal relationships inherently existent within the figures, thereby differentiating them to a degree understandable within the drawing.

These methods helped to develop strategies which would later be employed. In particular, the creation of new typologies of annotation arose. This dealt with a way by which the vector field could me annotated without explicitly traditional marks. Because the final product dealt so heavily with the visuality of the field, it was of utmost importance that the annotational methods be of minimal detriment to the overall composition.