Berkeley Art Museum (BAM), Design Documentation (DD)

Design documentation project at The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), instructors Pavel Getov and Scott Uriu, 2015

with Jinwen Yu, Adrian Wong and Thomas Hecht Ribas

The objectives of this class centered around continuing architectural processes from the previous semesters studio projects, running a conceptual proposal of an art museum in Berkeley, California, through a natural set of refinements though design development (DD).

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At the core of the class' visual repertoire was the construction of a single "mega drawing" which encapsulated not only many smaller drawings but an overall aesthetic conglomeration.

Mega Drawing Excerpts

Individual drawings

At the same time, a notebook set was gathered to simulate the typical planning procedures that would accompany the submission of a prospective design to the relevant permitting authorities. This coincided along with a series of lectures from various offices around Los Angeles, including representatives from Gehry Partners, detailing the normal regulatory parameters surrounding items such as ADA, egress and cost estimation, among others. More than a mere repository for drawings, the notebook set became a new way to conceptualize the presentation of the project within the rigid legal framework that surrounds architecture. Though the design was rather speculative at conception, this development process acted as a rigorous exercise in the execution of progressive architecture within the confines of the normative contemporary sphere of building.

Notebook Set